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Banana Seeds
The rocket powered approach to tropical gardening! Bananas love abundant heat, light, moisture and food: they will reward you with fast growing, lush foliage. Some are fully hardy and others produce exotic flowers and fruit! Click on the pictures for more details.

Ensete Ventricosum
Abyssinian Banana

1.70 for 10 seeds

The Abyssinian banana has strong, stiff, green leaves with a bold red midrib and a white bloom on the undersides. In its native home it can reach huge proportions forming a trunk over 3ft in diameter! Not hardy here in the UK (it will stand only light frosts) it is normally grown as fresh summer bedding each year or is over-wintered in a bright frost-free place to produce large striking plants. In the summer this banana can produce a new leaf every week.

Musa Acuminata
Fruit Bearing Banana

£2.10 for 15 seeds

Musa Acuminata is a widespread, highly variable and prolific species of banana that is the primary parent of modern edible (and many ornamental) bananas. These seeds have been collected from the wild bananas in the Manipur region of India.

Musa Cheesmani
Cheesman Hardy Banana

1.90 for 15 seeds

This is a large and robust relative of Musa Sikkimensis. With its large bright green leaves it will make an impressive garden specimen. Its hardiness is as yet untested but is expected to be similar to that of Sikkimensis. New to cultivation in the UK and rather rare.

Musa Ornata
Musa Ornata
Ornamental Purple Flowered Banana

£1.50 for 15 seeds

A small, pretty banana, which is grown mainly for its attractive lavender inflorescence. It may also produce small, ornamental, (inedible), yellow bananas if the flowers are hand pollinated. Very happy growing in a pot. Not hardy, but it's small stature means it can be easily over-wintered indoors.

Musa Sikkimensis
Darjeeling Hardy Banana

£2.10 for 15 seeds

An attractive hardy banana, which shows leaf markings every bit as striking as Musa Zebrina in about half of the seedlings. Mature Musa Sikkimensis rootstock will survive most winters down to around -10 or colder with a little extra protection. Fast growing.

Musa Velutina
Musa Velutina
Velvet Pink Banana

£1.80 for 15 seeds

Lovely dwarf (4-5ft) banana which blooms reliably, even indoors once established; it may even bloom in its first year. The exotic flowers (inflorescence) are pink to orange and are followed by bright, velvety, pink bananas. The fruit is edible - but beware, they are full of hard seeds! Rootstock will survive outside with some winter protection. Musa Velutina also makes a good houseplant.

Ravenala Madasgascariensis
Ravenala Madasgascariensis
Travellers Palm

£1.70 for 15 seeds

A fast growing banana that forms huge leaves (up to 20ft long in its tropical home) arranged in a fan shape. However, in the UK it is easily kept as a beautiful indoor banana. For those of you who like to know such things the name comes from two unusual features - firstly the fan shaped leaf structure tends to grow East-West and secondly, when cut, the leaves provide refreshment to the (desperate!) thirsty traveller.

Strelitzia Nicolai
Strelitzia Nicolai
Giant Bird of Paradise

£1.70 for 15 seeds

Also known as the Blue or White Bird of Paradise, Nicolai is a very large Strelitzia that produces clusters of blue and white bird-like flowers. Very striking. A little patience will reward you with a stunning plant that you won't find in the garden centres.

Strelitzia Reginae
Strelitzia Reginae
Bird of Paradise

£1.70 for 15 seeds

A slower growing banana relative that is much loved by flower arrangers. Grown mostly for its beautiful flowers, which resemble the head of an exotic bird. Strelitzia also produces attractive, thick evergreen leaves that are slightly bluish-green. It will require about 3 or 4 years before it reaches flowering size, but it is well worth the wait! Very easy too.

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