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Chilli Seeds
Chillies are easy to grow in a warm spot: greenhouse, sunny windowsill, or even on a patio! Click on the pictures for more details.
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Purple Beauty
Purple Beauty Sweet Pepper
Heat: 1 Size: 40-60cm

£1.50 for 10 seeds

A Purple variety of sweet pepper that is always a favourite with its unusual colour. This variety produces a good yields of bells on a compact plant with a bushy habit. The fruit have a crisp texture with a mild ,sweet flavour.

Scotch Bonnet Orange
Scotch Bonnet Orange Chilli
Heat: 10 Size: 60-90cm

£1.70 for 15 seeds

A new orange variety complimenting our classic range of Scotch Bonnet chillies. As hot as the red ripening to a wonderful deep orange.

Scotch Bonnet Red
Scotch Bonnet Red Chilli
Heat: 10 Size: 60-90cm

£1.70 for 15 seeds

Closely related to the Habaneros, Scotch Bonnets are also fabulously hot. This red hot, fruity, Scotch Bonnet is an essential ingredient in Caribbean recipes. Needs a long warm growing season for fruit to fully ripen to red.

Scotch Bonnet Yellow
Scotch Bonnet Yellow Chilli
Heat: 10 Size: 60-90cm

£1.70 for 15 seeds

This Scotch Bonnet ripens to a brilliant yellow. Good fruity taste with a hint of apple. Give it a warm sunny location and it will reward you with staggeringly hot, brightly coloured chillies.

Serrano Tampiqueno
Serrano Tampiqueno Chilli
Heat: 6 Size: 60cm

£1.50 for 10 seeds

Mexican chilli producing good crops of club shaped fruit with a distinctive full and hot flavour. Unique taste, well worth trying.

Starburst Chilli
Heat: 5 Size: 30cm

£1.70 for 10 seeds

Very colourful compact chilli that produces clusters of 4-6cm upward pointing chillies. Chillies change from creamy to yellow, orange and then blood red. Very pretty planted en-masse in pots or as houseplants. Seeds produced by us in the UK.

Tabasco Chilli
Heat: 9 Size: 60cm

£1.50 for 10 seeds

Famous chilli, originally from Venezuela. Grown commercially to produce the fiery Tabasco sauce, the compact and bushy plants produce masses of hot 4cm long chillies. Originally from somewhat swampy regions it prefers hot and humid conditions for maximum productivity.

Tepin Wild Chilli
Heat: 8 Size: 40-60cm

£1.50 for 15 seeds

Tepin is believed by most experts to be the original wild chilli. The attractive round bushes can be covered in bright pea-sized berries. A wild variety - germination erratic and fruit takes 3-4 months to ripen. Best yields produced in their 2nd year from seed. Over-winter indoors and you could be enjoying the “mother of all chillies” by mid-summer.

Thai Bird Eye
Thai (Bird Eye) Chilli

Heat: 9 Size: 60-75cm

£1.70 for 10 seeds

Very productive and resilient plants produce masses of hot, thin skinned, tapering chillies similar to the often seen Bird Eye chilli. Easy and quick to bear fruit, our first chilli and still one of the best; call us sentimental! Seeds produced by us in the UK.

Thai Long
Thai Long Chilli

Heat: 7 Size: 60-90cm

£1.70 for 10 seeds

This chilli produces long, thick, well fleshed chillies with good heat. Very good frying chilli sliced lengthwise and added to stir fries. Seeds produced by us in the UK.

Thai Sun
Thai Sun Worshipper Chilli
Heat: 9 Size: 30cm

£1.70 for 10 seeds

The perfect hot chilli plant for windowsills. Compact and dainty plants are very much at home as houseplants. Don’t let their delicate appear and fool you though they produce many dozens of small very hot chillies throughout the year. Seeds produced by us in the UK.







































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