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Exotic Fruit Seeds
Beautiful exotic fruit that is easy to grow. You won't find these in your local supermarket! Click on the pictures for more details.
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Solanum Nigrum
Chichiquelite Huckleberry

£1.70 for 20 seeds

An improved version of the American classic! Unlike wild huckleberries the very dark purple berries can be eaten fresh as well as cooked. Impressively heavy yields from container-sized plants. The taste has a hint of liquorice. Very easy to grow treat them like chilli plants. Just 75 days to harvest.

Solanum Quitoense
Naranjilla Lulo

£1.80 for 10 seeds

Lost Fruit of the Incas - this beautiful plant is worth growing for its large, velvety, purple veined foliage alone. The fruit is bright orange, about the size of a large cherry tomato and is covered in small hairs that rub off when ripe. The pulp is green, tastes like a lemony pineapple and is considered a delicacy in South America. Produces fruit in its first year in good conditions, harvest autumn/winter. Good in containers. Will survive light frosts. Some plants produce spikes along the ribs.

Solanum Sessiliflorum

£1.70 for 10 seeds

The plant is a herbaceous shrub up to 2m high, with downy stems, densely white-hairy twigs, and ovate leaves. The fruit may be round, oblong or conical-oval, with bluntly rounded apex; 2-10 cm long, and up to 6 cm wide at the base. The thin, tough skin is coated with a slightly prickly, peach-like fuzz until the fruit is fully ripe, then it is smooth, deep purple-red, and has a bitter taste.


































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