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Abyssinian Banana

Germ. Temp

30 to 35

Germ. Time

6 to 12 months


4m or more

Hardiness Will survive light frosts when mature
Position Full sun in moist humus rich soil or in a pot on a warm patio.

Rich, moist (but not waterlogged) soil.

1.70 for 10
The Abyssinian banana has strong, stiff, green leaves with a bold red midrib and a white bloom on the undersides. In its native home it can reach huge proportions forming a trunk over 3ft in diameter! Not hardy here in the UK (it will stand only light frosts) it is normally grown as fresh summer bedding each year or is over-wintered in a bright frost-free place to produce large striking plants. In the summer this banana can produce a new leaf every week.












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