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Tomato Banana Exotic Fruit Bonsai Flowers Collections

Velvet Pink Banana

Germ. Temp

25 to 30

Germ. Time

3 to 6 months



Hardiness Rootstock hardy to about -5C
Position Rich soil, light shade, sheltered from strong winds or in a bright room.

Rich, moist (but not waterlogged) soil.

1.80 for 15
Lovely dwarf (4-5ft) banana which blooms reliably, even indoors once established; it may even bloom in its first year. The exotic flowers (inflorescence) are pink to orange and are followed by bright, velvety, pink bananas. The fruit is edible - but beware, they are full of hard seeds! Rootstock will survive outside with some winter protection. Musa Velutina also makes a good houseplant.












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