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Travellers Palm

Rav Mad
Germ. Temp

25 to 30

Germ. Time

6 to 12 months



Hardiness Not hardy
Position Good option for growing on a patio in a pot and bringing indoors over winter.

Prefers ample moisture, particularly when hot, but doesn't like being waterlogged. Best kept between 10C and 30C

1.70 for 15
A fast growing banana that forms huge leaves (up to 20ft long in its tropical home) arranged in a fan shape. However, in the UK it is easily kept as a beautiful indoor banana. For those of you who like to know such things the name comes from two unusual features - firstly the fan shaped leaf structure tends to grow East-West and secondly, when cut, the leaves provide refreshment to the (desperate!) thirsty traveller.












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