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Jolokia Bhut Red Chilli

Jolokia Bhut Red Chilli
Germ. Temp

28 to 32

Germ. Time

30-40 days




Sunny windowsill, conservatory, or greenhouse.


Prefers ample moisture, but doesn't like being waterlogged. Feed fortnightly with a dilute organic tomato feed once flowering has started.



Fruit Ripens

Green, Red: 100 days

Fruit Length


£2.80 for 10

Quite simply "The Worlds Hottest Chilli Pepper", also known as the Ghost Chilli. Originating from the Assam area of India, its incredible heat has to be sampled by those who dare. The fruit ripens from green to a deep red when fully ripe and at its peek heat. This one is only for the brave or fool hardy.













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