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Passion Fruit Vine

Passiflora Edulis
Germ. Temp

20 to 25

Germ. Time

1 to 3 months



Hardiness Will survive light frosts when mature
Position Conservatory, greenhouse, outdoors in full sun in moist humus rich soil or in a pot on a warm patio.

Rich, moist (but not waterlogged) soil.

Fruit Ripens Yellow - Purple: when mature
Fruit Length


1.70 for 15
The Passion Fruit vine is a perennial, climbing by means of tendrils, with evergreen leaves that are finely toothed, deep-green and glossy above, paler and dull beneath. A single, fragrant flower, 5-7cm wide, is borne at each node on new growth. The nearly round fruit, 4-7cm wide, has a tough, smooth, waxy rind, ranging in colour from dark purple to light yellow.












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