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Psidium Guajava - Beaumont

Germ. Temp 22 to 25
Germ. Time 14 days


Hardiness Not hardy
Position Conservatory, greenhouse or sheltered patio.

Prefers ample moisture, but doesn't like being waterlogged. Feed fortnightly with a dilute organic tomato feed once flowering has started.

Fruit Ripens Green / Yellow or Pink: 90 days
Fruit Length


1.70 for 15
This South American fruit is well known throughout the tropics. It is not fussy on the soil quality, and produces fruit year after year. The fragrant greenish white to white flower, 2.5 cm or more across, bears numerous yellow stamens. The fruits are variable in shape, size and colour being globular, ovoid, or pear shaped from 3 to 15cm in length and the skin may be greenish white, yellowish or pink. Upon ripening, the guava becomes soft and juicy and is an excellent source of C vitamin.












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